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Wave action


White and foam and blue


White water crash


Gray, blue, white

December Tide

Cold as ice


Wash away

Wash it all away

Really smart people sat around and decided they could “re-nourish” the beach with imported sand. The Atlantic had something to say about that.

Frothy and Cold

4th of July

And the weather is fine

Wash away

July 1

Hold of the sky

This spot

June 16

Clear as glass

June 13

Beautiful solitude

June 8

Up close with the doctor

Puppy training has distracted me from my posting. I’ll do better this month.

Wind in his hair

A windy Sunday in June

Dr. Masako smiles

To hold back tide

The Army Corp of Engineers are trying to strengthen the seawall protection. The Atlantic will judge if their efforts are good enough.