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Cold Gut

Clouds in my sunset

May is finally over

Let’s get rolling

Soft is the evening

Fade to shadow


I don’t know how the one footed bird lost the foot but I have long realized how fragile our seagulls are. Today I saw how loving and protective they are.
Next time you see somebody hurl a rock at these beautiful birds, tell them about how much courage, strength, and love they possess.


The second seagull chased off the swooping bird and took a protective stance in front of the one footed bird.


A second seagull had been waiting near the one footed bird. The second seagull sprung into action when a third bird swooped in.


This isn’t an optical illusion. The seagul is missing its left foot. I felt horrible when I saw the bird than something extraordinary happened.



I went to take pictures at the Gut and these two ducks followed me around.

Ice cold air

Paddock Island

Boston at Dusk from a Distant Shore

The dwindling light

The dwindling light