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CoVid19 Survivor

Dr. Masako was very worried

I’m positive

I tested positive for CoVid19 on 4/25/2020. My job is in healthcare in a nursing home setting. Every patient I treat I’m face to face with as the eat and talk. No healthcare facility had enough or the correct PPE for this pandemic. Staff knew we’d get sick. As the Feds and States battle who controlled the PPE and shut downs/no shut downs were argued, we quickly realized we were on our own. Patients and staff in every healthcare settle was left to figure it out on our own or die. We were abandoned at the federal, state, and neighborhood level. For every red heart I’d see driving to work I’d see some loser without a mask or posting on FB about the party they were having.

I was deathly ill for 5 weeks. Even now that I’m testing negative, I’m still suffering fatigue, rashes, brain fog, and shortness of breath. The doctors don’t know what damage the virus could do to me in the long term. I’m angry and bitter that every system put in place in the last 100years to prevent this disaster was destroyed by the hubris of the clown at 1400 Penn Ave and his cult of demialists.

And then…CoVid19

Fading Light

I Remember Dan