Gull Times

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A howl

He’s seen the greatest minds of his generation lose it over the french fries dropped in the sand.

Checking the view

Colder than it looked

Winter has arrived and the Leaves have left.

The feat of the feet

Autumn insists on staying

End of time

If this is what I see when my time comes to en end then I’ve seen the best the world has to offer. I’ve seen God’s hand paint a perfect canvas. I’ve seen all there is to see.

Cotton Candied Sky

Up is down

The Beach Still Shines

This was September but you can’t tell from the brilliant sun and the shining ocean it is far too cold to sit in the sand and think about nothing.

A little fall

A little down time

I’ve neglected the gull times not out of boredom but because my life was filled to the brim with have to moments. I’m going to catch it update tonight and try to be better about posting regularly. Thank you for your patience.