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Pink of the evening

Light and shadow

The wind in his fur

Farewell, my sweet Dakota

South Coastal Animal Health in Weymouth MA entrusted the care of Dakota’s remains to Angel View Pet Crematory. They provided me with a dignified and respectful presentation of her cremains.
I will always be grateful to Dr. Strake and her team for ensuring the care provided to Dakota after she passed was as excellent as the care they provided to her for 10 wonderfully happy years.

Dog gone day

Time for a game

At Dawn

Frothy and Cold

4th of July

And the weather is fine

Where have I been?

Such an excellent question. Life has been super busy. June and July were jam packed. I’m not sure what August has up its sleeve but I’m hoping to log more sand tine.

Sorry for the delays in updating this site. Let’s see if I do better in August.

Red sundown

July 1

Wash away

July 1

Hold of the sky

Fuzzy face

June 24

This spot

June 16

Clear as glass

June 13

Beach Inspector

June 13

Dog tired

June 11

Beautiful solitude

June 8

Up close with the doctor

Puppy training has distracted me from my posting. I’ll do better this month.