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Let’s get rolling

Soft is the evening

To hold back tide

The Army Corp of Engineers are trying to strengthen the seawall protection. The Atlantic will judge if their efforts are good enough.


The brothers Cats are grieving the loss of Dakota. They are trying to get to know the puppy but his enthusiasm puts them off.


Dr. Masako

There’s no sunshine here in Hull this holiday weekend. I’ll be posting pictures of my puppy, Dr. Masako instead of gloomy beach pictures. Enjoy


The threat of thunder


Dr. Masako

A new adventure begins

Dakota, the happiest dog in the world

May flights of angels guide you home.

Dakota, The Nantasket Dog

My best friend passed away at 1:30 am 5/14/18. She was loyal, sweet, beautiful, and she loved me without reservations.
My heart has broken. I will miss her for as long as I breath.


Fade to shadow