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Seagull 4

Seagull 3

Seagull 2

Seagulls 1

I was extraordinarily lucky to have the photographic encounter I did today. It’s January, we are having a winter storm, and the seagulls rules the beach.


Bruised sky

Big cold waves

Encased in ice


The storm dragged bits of the world that don’t belong here. Now that the snows are melting the scraps are being revealed

Beach berg

Bomb Cyclone left behind a lot of snow on the beach. It’s also caused a lot of erosion.

Circling after the storm

Blue White Deathly Cold

From here to Boston

Setting sun on the rocks

Pink and white and running water


After the bomb

Nantasket Beach after the Bomb Cyclone

Angry Atlantic

Bomb Cyclone

Wolf in the night sky

Slippery as sand