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They Slipped Away

Turning Leaves

Short Walk

Shadow of the Day

Clouds in the Bay

The Setting and Mast

Bitterly stone cold memories

It continues to shock me that we let Paragon Park be leveled. In its place stands a visually unappealing building. There’s no charm to the architecture. It is almost brutalistic in its design. This, of course, is a stark contrast to the fluid design of the Giant Coaster. Ah, how it rose so gracefully then plunged only to rise once more. And then, do so again and again while adding in twists and turns. The pristine white wood topped by black metal tracks – gorgeous.

Aging Well

Paddock Island

Cloud Cover



Strolling at Dusk

Boston at Dusk from a Distant Shore

Slipping into night


Fluffy and White and Steely Blue



September Sea

Tickled Pink

All is calm