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puff and fluff

white clouds against a bright blue sky


Thank you God



The wind remains

the storm has passed
we endured less than promised
but more than we wanted
it is easy to forget
the natural violence of
our untamed world
until the fury of wind and water
tosses all that we know
loose from the shelter of home
built with nothing but sticks and stone

i am grateful to live in the shadow of the Atlantic
but i’m mindful, always, of her temper
today she merely toyed with us
tomorrow, i pray she falls back to
her cold flowing slumber

The beach remains the same


After she left


Morning with Irene

the hurricane has arrived

evening before Irene

emerging from the sea

the sun

and gulls wait

for a stronger breeze

with streaks

of pink

the day before


from the south

nothing good blows

blue skies above

Lost in the fog

for whatever comes


friday, August 26, 2011

Friday morning

appearing once again

can't keep a goon sun down

night yields

Irene is still over the Atlantic near the Bahamas gather steam and we have only a steady wind to show for her bluster

first wave

clouds are gathering ahead of the Irene...let's hope she blows out to sea...

day burn out

another August day pinks to an end

evening stroll

out to stretch his legs before sundown

ruffled feathers

cooling of the summer sun

not the hot fury of July anymore