Gull Times



Fading Light

Before sunset

Wind spinning gold

Weak and far away

Autumn insists on staying

End of time

If this is what I see when my time comes to en end then I’ve seen the best the world has to offer. I’ve seen God’s hand paint a perfect canvas. I’ve seen all there is to see.

Cotton Candied Sky

Up is down

The Beach Still Shines

This was September but you can’t tell from the brilliant sun and the shining ocean it is far too cold to sit in the sand and think about nothing.

Cold Gut

Boston in the distance

On top of the wall and world


White water crash


Somebody ate the Pom off my Santa hat

He’s in the dog house for real.

Gray, blue, white

December Tide

Cold Giving


Too windy to walk

The wind nearly swept us off our feet

Wash away

Under the rainbow part 2