Gull Times

Dr. Masako

Dr. Masako was very worried

I had a cookie

if I didn’t have a cookie, he never would have faced the camera

The Doctor ain’t happy

Dr. Masako has decided he doesn’t like his picture taken

Dr. Masako out and about

A howl

He’s seen the greatest minds of his generation lose it over the french fries dropped in the sand.

Checking the view

Snow and the fluffy dog

Even Dr. Masako Gets Gear

It’s just life

We spend so much energy fighting and being angry at the twists and turns of the world we become numb to the truly terrible. All atrocities start to blend into one big pile of smoldering wreckage. The smoke a constant sting to our eyes can nagging cough until the next horror which sparks the embers back into a raging inferno. We join the chorus of righteous anger and scream our fury on Twitter and Facebook and instagram. Bickering with strangers, trolling celebrities, virtual yelling at politicians. Until the fuel is spent and the flames die and the embers are left to smolder again. Until it starts again.
We are wasting our hours on anger when we could try to find common ground. Extend a hand with a pleasant greeting, listen more than talk, never resort to shouting, reject violence, work for peace.
If Dr. Masako and Hobbes could find common ground then we can too.

be in love with your life, let love guide you

Somebody ate the Pom off my Santa hat

He’s in the dog house for real.